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About Our Founder & Writer: Jeff Yoder

Jeff Yoder has seven years of experience in sports media, journalism and digital marketing in Indianapolis. He holds bachelor’s degrees in sport management and media communication from Taylor University (2014) and a master’s degree in sports journalism from Indiana University (2016). Outside of school, Jeff has held roles in sports communications and media operations with major NCAA and Big Ten events, as well as college and professional local sports teams, Bleacher Report and the Indiana Pacers and Fever. Most recently, Jeff spent two years in digital media with the Indianapolis 500. He’s a fan of storylines and statistics – whether it’s late-game drama, incredible comebacks, or record-breaking performances – but he’s a diehard fan of two specific teams (and he’ll keep those quiet for the sake of remaining unbiased). Most of all, his passion for storytelling shines through celebrating the underdog stories in sports. You’ll see those features at the bottom of the newsletter a few times a week.

Jeff founded The Sportsletter in Summer 2018. He is the newsletter’s primary writer, editor and product manager. If you have feedback for The Sportsletter, you can contact him at Jeff@TheSportsletter.com.

About Our CEO: Tim Hsia

Tim Hsia is the CEO & Founder of Media Mobilize, a media company based in San Francisco that publishes a family of newsletters. Tim is a distinguished honor graduate of West Point where he commissioned as an infantry officer in the US Army and deployed twice to Iraq. In the Army, he wrote about his military experience for the New York Times and has published essays in the Los Angeles Times, Small Wars Journal, and Armed Forces Journal. After leaving active duty, Tim graduated from Stanford University’s JD/MBA program. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Service to School, a nonprofit that helps veterans successfully apply to higher education programs.

Tim loves sports and has played them his entire life, from growing up in Tallahassee, to West Point, and the Army. Now, his kids are immersed in sports (hockey, basketball, swimming, and chess), and he’s excited for Media Mobilize and The Sportsletter to join forces and produce the best daily read for sports news consumers.