We’re a group of guys who stay up late to watch every game and read every story (so you don’t have to). As kids, we used to know everything happening in sports. As adults, we couldn’t spend countless hours glued to a television or social media. So we had an idea and we followed our hearts.


We write a daily sports newsletter fittingly named The Sportsletter. It’s a curated daily email delivered every weekday at 7:00 am ET. Headlines, scores and trending stories from the previous 24 hours are remixed into a quick 5-minute read. We’ll do the occasional deep dive, but we’re interested in giving you the important notes and highlights so you can stay informed (and a little entertained) with efficiency.

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As sports journalists and sports business pros, we’ve taken our passion and built a community we call The Team, because life is better with teammates. Along the way, we realized this thing isn’t just for diehard sports fans. It’s a great way for anyone to stay informed without following hundreds of accounts or digging through websites. That’s where our slogan comes in — “Busy, sports fan? We got you.”

That’s who we are — Just a couple guys sourcing the internet, watching games and delivering the summaries to your inbox. Because, let’s face it, you don’t always have the time.

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