Big Ten Bash Kicks Off CFB Week 1

09/01/2023 Big Ten Bash Kicks Off CFB Week 1

By: Jeff Yoder

How Did CFB Week 1 Begin? Minnesota Brought Magic to a Big Ten Thriller & #14 Utah Scored a 70-Yard TD Strike on Their 1st Play

The official Week 1 kickoff to the 2023 college football season features five straight nights of action over Labor Day Weekend, and it all began last night with eleven games. A pair of Big Ten teams wasted no time providing the first true thriller of the season. Minnesota rallied from a 10-3 deficit against Nebraska late in the fourth quarter in a stunning finish. The Gophers ripped two turnovers and connected for an unbelievable 4th-down TD catch from Daniel Jackson before setting up a walk-off field goal (13-10). Meanwhile, #14 Utah started their season with a 70-yard TD strike on the first play of the year. The Utes put a muzzle on the Gator chomp as they flexed on Florida by two scores.


Take it easy, people! We have four more days of this. Let’s pace ourselves. Only a handful of power conference matchups took center stage, but there’s plenty to watch in the days ahead in this weekend’s must-watch list. We’re just getting warmed up.


CFB Week 1 Highlights (Thursday)

#14 Utah def. Florida (24-11)

Minnesota def. Nebraska (13-10)

Wake Forest def. Elon (37-17)

NC State def. UConn (24-14)


🗓️ Full CFB Week 1 Schedule (Friday-Monday)


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