Correa Back to Twins?

01/11/2023 Correa Back to Twins?

By: Jeff Yoder

1 Free Agent, 3 Teams & An Offseason of Twists Like Never Before

Carlos Correa was one of the most coveted free agents of the 2022-23 MLB offseason, and he went from the west coast to the east coast and back to where it started. After reportedly agreeing to deal with the Giants, then the Mets, Correa ultimately signed back with the Twins on Tuesday with a six-year, $200 million deal. That contract was far less than the offers reported from San Francisco and New York, but more details of what actually transpired are still emerging.


Correa’s Wild Offseason

Giants Deal: 13 Years, $350 Million

Mets Deal: 12 Years, $315 Million

Twins Deal: 6 Years, $200 Million


Correa ultimately opted to stay in Minnesota for less total money, but more per year. The star shortstop ran into challenges with the Giants, who raised concerns about his surgically repaired right leg. The Mets had concerns about his physical, as well. At 28 years old, a commitment for dozen-plus years might have spooked teams, and Correa, into a stronger, short-term deal.


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Photo: David Berding / Getty Images