Diamond Dash: MLB Power Rankings

05/17/2022 Diamond Dash: MLB Power Rankings

By: Jeff Yoder

Analyzing the True World Series Contenders After MLB’s 1st Month

We’re nearing the first-quarter mark of the 2022 MLB season, and it’s time to separate the men from the boys. I’ll admit that baseball has taken a backseat to the NBA and NHL postseasons, but baseball’s summer in the spotlight isn’t far off. A dozen teams will make the MLB playoffs this year after the new CBA signed in March. And with that, those12 teams — if the playoffs started today — dash toward the playoffs and into our early-season power rankings.


MLB Power Rankings


1. Yankees (26-9)

2. Astros (23-13)

3. Dodgers (22-12)

4. Giants (21-14)

5. Mets (23-13)

6. Angels (24-14)

7. Brewers (23-13)

8. Padres (22-13)

9. Rays (21-15)

10. Twins (21-15)

11. Blue Jays (19-17)

12. Cardinals (19-15)


In the Hunt: White Sox (17-17), Phillies (17-18), Diamondbacks (18-18), Braves (16-20), Rangers (15-19)


Power Rankings Analysis

It’s still really early and a lot can happen to shake up the divisional races. Remember when the Nationals reversed a 19-31 record in late May before winning the World Series? That was a rarity, but the 2022 Fall Classic champion might not even be on our list. Let’s pretend they are…


Yankees At The Top

New York is head and shoulders the best team in baseball through six weeks. New York hasn’t won the World Series since 2009. The Astros’ latest win streak closed the gap for American League supremacy. The Dodgers and Mets have been a mixed bag in the last two weeks — they’re both 5-5 in their last ten games. Meanwhile, the Giants are surging and the Angels’ star-studded lineup is certainly fun to watch.


Sleepers Who Could Turn It Around

A few teams towards the bottom of our list definitely have the firepower to become divisional winners as things shake out. The Blue Jays and White Sox are teams hovering around .500 that should have no problem flirting with 100 wins. Don’t leave the Braves and Rangers behind either just because of early-season slumps. And the Diamondbacks — the MLB’s surprise team of 2022 — might just make the playoffs for the first time in five years.


Best Division: NL West

No surprise the NL West is clicking once again. The Rockies (17-18) are still one win shy of putting all five teams with above-.500 records despite losing eight of their last ten games. The division has a combined win percentage of .572. No other division comes close.


Baseball is nearing the first-quarter mark of its 162-game marathon, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for our weekly MLB power rankings once the NBA and NHL postseasons wrap up in June.


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Photo: Quinn Harris / Getty Images