Farewell, Dusty Baker 👋

10/26/2023 Farewell, Dusty Baker 👋

By: Jeff Yoder

Astros’ Manager Dusty Baker Retires After 26 Legendary Seasons

As the MLB offseason grows closer, our first batch of managerial moves is underway. The Astros’ season came to an end on Monday night, and manager Dusty Baker is officially retiring. The move comes as no surprise after Baker joined Houston in 2020 at the age of 70. Now 74, he led the Astros to two World Series, winning last year’s Fall Classic (2022). Baker’s success was evident long before he stepped foot in Houston, but it took a twilight run with the Astros to nab his first World Series ring.


Dusty’s Hall of Fame Resume

Baker spent 26 seasons in managerial roles over the last 30 years, including stints with the Giants, Cubs, Reds, Nationals, and Astros. He played in the majors from 1968-1986 (19 years), making his 45 total seasons quite legendary. Baker fell off the Hall of Fame ballot as a player in 1992, but he’ll be Cooperstown-bound shortly. Only six former managers have more than Dusty’s 2,183 wins, and all six are in the Hall of Fame.


A news conference is scheduled for the official announcement sometime today. Baker plans to remain involved with baseball in some capacity. Take care, Dusty! What a career…


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Photo: Daniel Shirey / Getty Images