Mets Secure October

09/20/2022 Mets Secure October

By: Jeff Yoder

Mets Clinch Playoff Spot for First Time Since 2016 Behind Max Scherzer’s Perfection

It’s magic number season. If you don’t know what that means, magic numbers are the number of wins needed and losses by the nearest competitor to clinch for MLB teams on the cusp of the playoffs. Monday night saw the Mets nab a playoff berth behind Max Scherzer’s perfect six innings. The Mets beat the Brewers (7-2). Scherzer was pulled due to a pitch count after returning from the IL. Meanwhile, the Astros wrapped up the AL West by shutting out the Rays (4-0). Combined with the Dodgers locking up a playoff spot earlier this month, three teams have now secured a postseason berth. It’ll be a few days until the next playoff spots get locked up. Let’s take a look at where each team stands.


Clinched Division

NL West: Dodgers (101-44)

AL West: Astros (97-51)


Clinched Playoff Berth

NL East: Mets (94-55)


Projected Division Winners

NL Central: Cardinals (87-61)

AL East: Yankees (88-58)

AL Central: Guardians (80-67)


NL Wild Card Race

IN: Braves (92-55)

IN: Padres (81-66)

IN: Phillies (80-66)

OUT: Brewers (78-69)


AL Wild Card Races

IN: Blue Jays (83-64)

IN: Rays (82-65)

IN: Mariners (81-65)

OUT: White Sox (76-71)


The Cardinals and Braves are next on the clinch list. The Yankees can get there soon, too, but the AL East is getting tight down the stretch. We’ll have daily look-ins as the playoff picture shakes out.


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Photo: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images