No Sweep ‘Til Brooklyn

04/25/2022 No Sweep ‘Til Brooklyn

By: Jeff Yoder

Zero 1st-Round Sweeps in NBA Playoffs Unless Nets Drop Game 4 Tonight in Brooklyn

The NBA’s opening round has been full of drama as the lower seeds have battled back to avoid the sweeps, but few true upsets are on the radar aside from the Timberwolves-Grizzlies series (Tied 2-2). And then there’s Brooklyn. The Nets — with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant — were preseason favorites to win it all. They snuck into the playoffs through the play-in route, and they’re now the only team on the verge of a first-round sweep. Injured star Ben Simmons was expected to return tonight for Game 4, but that’s no longer the case. The Nets’ season hangs in the balance tonight. First, here’s a rundown of the latest games and series lines heading into Monday.


NBA 1st-Round Highlights


Gm 4: Raptors def. 76ers (110-102)

PHI Leads Series (3-1)


Gm 4: Jazz def. Mavericks (100-99)

Series Tied (2-2)


Gm 3: Celtics def. Nets (109-103)

BOS Leads Series (3-0)


Gm 4: Timberwolves def. Grizzlies (119-118)

Series Tied (2-2)


Gm 4: Bucks def. Bulls (119-95)

MIL Leads Series (3-1)


Gm 4: Nuggets def. Warriors (126-121)

GSW Leads Series (3-1)


Gm 4: Heat def. Hawks (110-86)

MIA Leads Series (3-1)


Gm 4: Suns def. Pelicans (118-103)

PHX Leads Series (3-1)


Tonight’s Schedule

Gm 4: Celtics at Nets (7:00 pm ET)

Gm 5: Raptors at 76ers (8:00 pm ET)

Gm 5: Jazz at Mavericks (9:30 pm ET)


Additional Storylines

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Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images