Parade Day in the Bay

06/21/2022 Parade Day in the Bay

By: Jeff Yoder

Top Quotes & Moments From Parade Day as Warriors Celebrate 4th Championship

It had been three years since the Bay Area held a championship parade, but they didn’t forget how to celebrate. The Warriors returned home from Boston and took to the streets Monday in downtown San Francisco to salute the fans and showcase the new hardware. Plenty of memorable moments, speeches, and champagne filled the streets. Draymond Green had a lot to say, but Steph Curry’s signature “Night Night” mic drop might’ve taken the cake. Here are some of the best quotes from the day:


“I told y’all, don’t let us win a f—ing championship, and clearly, nobody could stop it.” — Draymond Green


Pool parties all summer long.” — Jordan Poole


“I’m not crying, you’re crying.” — Klay Thompson


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Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / Getty Images