Playoff Rankings 3.0

11/16/2022 Playoff Rankings 3.0

By: Jeff Yoder

College Football Playoff Remains the Same, But Oregon’s Tumble Leaves

The third rendition of the CFB Playoff Rankings yielded no change among the top five teams in the nation. Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and TCU remain in the driver’s seat with Tennessee still hopeful. No. 6 Oregon tumbled to No. 12 and allowed the door to open for LSU and USC to slide up into contention. All eyes are on the Michigan-Ohio State clash ten days from now, namely Tennessee and LSU. Don’t count out the Trojans if they go unscathed through the Pac-12.


CFB Playoff Rankings 2.0

1. Georgia (10-0)

2. Ohio State (10-0)

3. Michigan (10-0)

4. TCU (10-0)


Rest of Top-10: 5. Tennessee (9-1) | 6. LSU (8-2) | 7. USC (9-1) | 8. Alabama (8-2) | 9. Clemson (9-1) | 10. Utah (8-2) Full Top-25


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