Wild NL: A 5-Way Tie?

The Brewers beat the Cardinals again while the Rockies won to overtake St. Louis in the Wild Card race. So we did our traditional standings check and found something whacky...

Fall 2018 has been a season of ties, so why not this? Two ties opened the NFL season's first two weeks. The PGA's BMW Championship needed a tiebreaker after 72 holes. Baseball games don't end in ties, and we like that. But this? This could... 

Seriously, A 5-Way Tie?

As the season comes to a close this week, there's a possibility of a 5-way tie in the NL race between the Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals, Dodgers and Rockies. The chances are slim, to say the least. Only once before has there been a Wild Card tiebreaker between three teams (2013). Never a 4-way tie. Certainly not a 5-way tie. As improbable as it is, this is how wild the NL race has become.  

It's Possible...

With five NL teams staring down a week of must win games, here's what would have to happen to make the 5-way tie a reality:

Cubs go 0-5 (91-66)
Brewers go 0-4 (91-67)
Dodgers go 3-1 (88-70)
Cardinals go 4-0 (87-71)
Rockies go 4-1 (87-70)

If that happens, we'll have something baseball -- and sports -- has never seen. Even if three or four teams tie for the Wild Card, we'll have free playoff baseball. No coin flips. No "better record in the division" scenarios. Just straight-up, win-or-go-home tiebreaker games to determine the Wild Card matchup on October 3.

After late Tuesday action, it looks like Milwaukee would really have to fall apart in their weekend series with the Tigers (least likely). But the Cubs and Cardinals play a three-game series this weekend. If the Cards sweep, this thing could get interesting.

Tuesday Games in the NL

Brewers beat Cardinals, 12-4
Pirates beat Cubs, 6-0
Dodgers lose to Diamondbacks, 4-3
Rockies beat Phillies, 10-3

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