Cardinals Derail Dodgers 5-0 to Regain Share of Wild Card

After a slow start to September and giving up 17 runs to L.A. on Saturday, the Cardinals responded and are now hold a share of the NL Wild Card. St. Louis' pitcher Adam Wainwright went six innings and struck out nine in Sunday night's huge 5-0 win.  

Two Weeks 'til October

American League

  • Red Sox (East)

  • Indians (Central)

  • Astros (West) 

  • Yankees (Wild Card)

  • Athletics (Wild Card)

In the hunt: Rays, Mariners

National League

  • Braves (East)

  • Cubs (Central)

  • Rockies (West) 

  • Brewers (Wild Card)

  • Dodgers / Cardinals (Wild Card)

In the hunt: Diamondbacks, Phillies, Nationals

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