Kipnis Delivers Walk-Off Grand Slam For Hit 1,000

Jason Kipnis strolled to the plate in the 9th inning with 999 career hits. The bases were loaded. The Indians were down 1-0 to the White Sox. He launched it over the right field wall. Career hit 1,000 could not have been scripted any better. Read the full story here 

The other games? Dodgers swept the Rockies in a crucial NL series, but the rest of the night was a little less dramatic. 

Dodgers Beat Rockies, 5-2

The Dodgers and Rockies were tied 2-2 heading into the 7th when Yasiel Puig hit a 3-run shot to send Los Angeles another game up on Colorado. The Cardinals lost but remain in control of the Wild Card thanks to the Rockies' loss.

NL Wild Card: Diamondbacks Stop Bleeding, Phillies Surging

The Diamondbacks returned the favor to the Cubs with a 9-1 win, a vital victory for Arizona after sliding the last week. The Brewers handled the Reds, 7-0, putting a bigger gap between Milkwaukee and the rest of the chase. Here's a look at the NL Wild Card race:

  • Brewers (Wild Card) 

  • Cardinals (Wild Card) - 3 games back

  • Rockies - 2 games back

  • Phillies - 5 games back 

  • Diamondbacks - 5 games back

  • Pirates - 6 games back

AL Wild Card: Yankees Keep Lid On Sox Party

The Bronx bombers blasted Boston 10-1 to delay the Red Sox division title for another night. Unfortunately for the Yankees, the other three teams in the Wild Card chase (Athletics, Rays, Mariners) all won by six runs or more. So no changes in the AL race. Here's a look at the Wild Card gap:

  • Yankees (Wild Card) 

  • Athletics (Wild Card) - 2.5 games back

  • Rays - 5.5 games back

  • Mariners - 7 games back

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