Blind High School Football Player Scores Multiple Touchdowns


Adonis Watt is a freshman for Brophy Prep high school in Arizona. He plays running back and has more rushing touchdowns this season than most starting NFL running backs. And he's blind.

Earlier this season, Watt entered the game against Highland Heights when Brophy had the ball at the 45-yard line. Highland -- prepared for Watt's appearance -- made way for the freshman to score a touchdown. A touching moment much like we've seen many times in sports... but that was just Watt's first TD this season.

A week later, Brophy putt Watt in the game on the goal line, twice. The defense didn't open the flood gates. Brophy didn't alert the officials. Watt found the end zone both times, scoring touchdowns from 1 yard and 3 yards out. Looks like Brophy found their short yardage back.

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Justin Tangseptember2018