Burt Reynolds Passes Away at Age 82


We know what you're thinking... "Burt Reynolds? A sports underdog?" Absolutely. Here's why:

Reynolds went to Florida State in 1954 on a football scholarship (his roommate was ESPN College Gameday host Lee Corso). In his freshman year, Reynolds ran for 134 yards and two touchdowns before his season was cut short by a knee injury.

He was forced to sit out the '55 season, too. He didn't fully recover and return to Florida State until 1957. Before the season began, a car accident led to the loss of Reynolds' spleen, ending his college football career. He dropped out of college and returned to New York where he worked random gigs trying to get by.

He later returned to Florida (Palm Beach Junior College) and became a drama major. The rest is history. Reynolds was an iconic figure over the last 40 years, starring in a number of sports movies along the way. Cut down in his prime by injury and discarded as a college dropout, Burt Reynolds was an underdog. RIP the original Paul Crewe.

Doesn't matter if they doubt you. Celebrate the underdog.

Joseph Stellaseptember2018