David Wright Activated for One Last Game


David Wright has missed the last two seasons with chronic back, neck, and shoulder issues. He planned to make a return to the ballpark one day, and to play baseball again with the New York Mets. Earlier this month, Wright admitted defeat in an emotional press conference.

"Physically, the way I feel right now and what the doctors have told me, there's not going to be any improvement," Wright said.

After announcing his retirement in that presser, the Mets made plans for a proper send off. They activated Wright today, and he'll kick third base one last time on Saturday for the season finale.  

Wright was drafted by New York in 2001. He played 13 seasons for the Mets, made seven All-Star appearances, won two Gold Glove awards, hit 242 home runs and drove in 970 RBIs. He's one of Major League Baseball's most beloved figures.

Why we love this story? Loyalty. The Mets gave Wright an 8-year, $138 million contract back in 2013. Wright played less than 40 games in 2015 and 2016. He hasn't played a game in two years, and the Mets kept him around. It will cost New York $640,000 to activate Wright for Saturday, on top of the $40 million they've paid him the last two years. You won't find that kind of loyalty in another league.

Class act by the Mets. Way to send the man off the Wright way.

Justin Tangseptember2018