More Kyler Murray, Please


Kyler Murray is not your average quarterback. At 5-foot-9, he’s a mini-but-mighty cheat code who commands Oklahoma’s offense and shreds defenses with video game abilities. He’s a Heisman candidate, but he already knows football isn’t in his future.

Today’s Underdog isn’t a rags-to-riches feature, it’s a request… a request to see more of Kyler Murray in the future, on Sundays in the NFL, and with a football in his hands.

Unfortunately for us, Murray does more than throw footballs. He catches, throws, bats, and plays center field for the OU baseball team. And he's really good.

Murray was asked about his future on Monday. He didn’t hesitate to say he’ll be playing baseball when his time at Oklahoma ends. He was drafted by the Oakland Athletics with the No. 9 pick in this year's MLB Draft, a selection that comes with a $4.7 million contract.

Baseball has guaranteed money. Football doesn’t.

Baseball has a place for a 5’9” jitterbug who can steal bases and cover center field. Football would make Murray a slot receiver and a return specialist, or a special package quarterback at best.

Baseball is Kyler Murray’s future. Football is not.

Despite his size, the Sooner quarterback has ripped off 3,674 yards, 37 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions this season, along with 853 yards and 11 TDs rushing. The guy accounts for anaverage of four touchdowns and over 350 yards per game.  

The bottom line is Kyler Murray is one of the most entertaining players in college football. No disrespect to baseball, but there’s something more exciting about 60 plays a game with this guy under center versus a few at bats or diving catches at the wall.

If Oklahoma can pair a win over Texas with a Georgia loss this weekend, the Sooners might give us one more game with Kyler Murray, and in the College Football Playoff, no less.

More Kyler Murray, please. Just one more.

Justin Tangnovember2018