Nick Mullens Goes From Practice to Prime Time


If you had heard of Nick Mullens before Thursday night’s game, stop reading now…

Oh, good. You’re all still here.

There’s a chance this guy will be a one-hit wonder – so we’re going to give him his moment – but people said the same thing about Tom Brady when he stepped in for Drew Bledsoe in 2001.

Calm down. We’re not saying Nick Mullens is the next Tom Brady, but let us tell you a bit about the guy and put some things in perspective.

Who is Nick Mullens?  

Nick Mullens is a 6-foot-1 football junky from Southern Mississippi. He broke about every school passing record in his college career -- most of which were held by another No. 4 named Brett Favre. The 49ers picked him up as an undrafted free agent in 2017.

The dude was a practice squad quarterback since San Francisco picked him up. He had never played an NFL snap until Thursday night.

In the wake of Jimmy Garoppolo’s ACL tear and C.J. Beathard’s wrist injury, the Niners’ season was pretty much a no-go. So you know what, let's give the kid a shot.

What Did He Do?

Nicky Niners led San Francisco to a 31-point victory with a 151.9 quarterback rating. He tossed two touchdowns on his first two drives (9-for-11, 103 yards and 2 TDs), becoming just the second QB since 2000 to pull off a two-drive two-touchdown start in an NFL debut.

He finished with 262 yards and three touchdowns. That's the same number of passing touchdowns the Buffalo Bills have this entire season.

Before the game, no one knew Nick Mullens' name. By the third quarter, he was verified with that blue check mark on Twitter.

Whether or not we see Nicky Niners shine again, this underdog just had the game of his life.

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