No One Deserves a Super Bowl More Than Andy Reid


This is Andy Reid's 20th season as an NFL head coach. He's one of the most beloved coaching figures in the modern era of the game, and he's never won a Super Bowl.

Reid spent 14 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and his last six with Kansas City. He's taken his teams to the playoffs in 13 out of 19 years and suffered just three losing seasons. He's a mastermind, a mad scientist, a Michaelangelo of offensive schemes, and a man without a ring.

Of those 13 playoff appearances, he's reached the Super Bowl just once, and lost to the Patriots, 24-21. The reason? Reid's an offensive guru, and as the saying goes, "defense wins championships." This year in Kansas City, it's the same story, different chapter. Prolific offense. Poor defense. Really poor.

The Reign of Reid

Through all the "close calls" Andy Reid is still Andy Reid -- a genius teddy bear who players love to play for and coaches love to coach for. And that's Andy Reid's legacy now; his coaching tree.

A list of names that includes active NFL coaches like Ron Rivera, Sean McDermott, Pat Shurmur, John Harbaugh, Todd Bowles, and the 2018 Super Bowl winning coach, Doug Pederson. That list doesn't include other names like Brad Childress, who coached the Vikings for five seasons and led Minnesota to within three points of a Super Bowl.

People praise the Belichick coaching tree. You know, that guy with five Super Bowls? But Andy Reid has more former assistants having success as head coaches, and more active coaches from his tutelage in today's NFL.

Andy's Arms

This year, Reid has something special at the quarterback position. Something really special like he had in Green Bay when he was the offensive coordinator calling plays for Brett Favre. Reid was hired by the Packers in 1997... one year after they won the Super Bowl.

In Philadelphia, he had Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. In Kansas City, he's had Alex Smith. All great quarterbacks, but none like Patrick Mahomes. With a suspect defense, the question isn't whether or not the Chiefs can get there, it's if they'll be able to win it.

Reid is undoubtedly the greatest NFL coach to never win a Super Bowl. In Year 20, he has the talent to get back to the promised land once again. And man, we're rooting for him.

Justin Tangoctober2018