Quakers Retake Philly


Back in 2015, the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) football team took down city rival Villanova to end a 104-year losing streak to the Wildcats. 104 years…

As you can imagine, the Quakers of the Ivy League were elated. Stormed field. Celebration. Finally, the Quakers had retaken bragging rights in the city of Philadelphia.

On Tuesday night, Penn did it again. This time on the hardwood.

Villanova hadn’t lost to another Philadelphia-based team in more than five years. That’s Penn, Temple, St. Joseph’s and La Salle, all stuck in a city-wide stranglehold by the Wildcats for the last 25 games.

On top of that streak, Penn hadn't beaten them in 16 years; a whole driving teenager since tasting victory against 'Nova.

When the Quakers played host to No. 17 Villanova Tuesday, the defending champs entered the Palestra, Penn’s iconic basketball home, and it felt like 2015 all over.

Penn opened the game on a 14-2 run. As expected, Villanova made it a game, but the Quakers prevailed after a missed Villanova three at the buzzer (78-75).

Stormed court. Celebration. Euphoria. We give you the Penn Quakers; owners of Philadelphia once again.

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