Sarah Thomas, Good Call


Twenty years of experience.

No matter what field you’re in – or on, in this case – 20 years of experience is a good indicator that you know what you’re doing. NFL official Sarah Thomas is no exception.

Thomas hears a lot when she’s on the football field surrounded by some of the world’s largest and most competitive athletes with an appetite for trash talk. Oh man, does she hear a lot. We don’t know for sure – because Thomas is about as unflappable as the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace – but she’s not deaf.

Thomas is the down judge for referee Ron Torbert’s crew; better known as official number 153. On Sunday, when Torbert’s group officiates the Chargers-Patriots game, Thomas will become the first female official ever to take the field in the NFL playoffs.

Calling big games is nothing new for Thomas. She’s officiated high school football for ten years, college for eight, and the NFL for three. This isn’t the first significant moment she'll be able to hang her black and white hat on…

  • First female to officiate a major college football game

  • First female to officiate a bowl game

  • First female to officiate at a Big Ten stadium

  • First female hired to a full-time officiating role with the NFL

On top of that long list of breakthroughs, sideline sprints, crucial ball spots and penalty flags, Thomas spends her weekdays as a pharmaceutical sales rep. She’s married, has three children, lives in Mississippi and spends about 20 weekends per year making decisions that affect you, your team, and millions of fans.

So mark the date. January 13, 2019. The first time a female official will call an NFL playoff game – One more gender barrier completely shattered by Sarah Thomas.

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