The Legacy of Sebastian Janikowski


Seahawks’ kicker Sebastian Janikowski was the difference in last night’s game through 57 minutes, accounting for two field goals and the game’s only six points until Seattle’s late touchdowns. At 40 years old, this one-of-a-kind character is still booming footballs into outer space. Watching him last night inspired us to share some fun facts you probably didn’t know about Seabass, a weird Underdog and the most unique kicker in NFL history.

He Was Drafted In The 1st Round

Many of your fantasy football brains are exploding right now. A kicker in the first round? The Raiders selected Janikowski 17th overall back in 2000 – the second-highest selected kicker in NFL history and one of only three kickers ever taken in the first round. The pick came after Oakland went 8-8 and lost all eight games by a touchdown or less in 1999. They needed a kicker, and they got a good one.

He’s The Leading Scorer in Raiders History

Janikowski scored 1,799 points in a Raiders uniform over 17 seasons, which is more than double the next name on the list.

Nickname: The Polish Cannon

He owns one of the NFL’s longest made field goals at 63 yards. The Raiders sent him in for 70 and 76-yard field goal attempts during his 17-year stint. He missed wide on the 70-yarder in the rain. Not short… Wide.

There was a rumor that he once hit an 82-yard kick in practice. He’s also made 58 field goals of 50 yards or more; the most in NFL history.

From Soccer to Football

Janikowski is the son of a Polish professional soccer player. And Seabass was pretty good, too. He played on the Polish youth national teams for a number of years. In the 80s, his father moved to the United States and Sebastian followed. His incredible leg strength landed him an opportunity to switch from soccer to football, run a lot less, and make a lot more money.

He kicked 50-yarders with regularity in high school, and he set the Florida state high school record by making a 60-yard field goal. He then smashed records at Florida State while maintaining the size of a linebacker. His college teammates said he spent most of his time at the local Chinese buffet…

Seabass to the Seahawks

After a number of seasons in the Oakland shadows, Seabass is now up in Seattle playing for a new team. Seabass with the Seahawks? Sounds right. After all he's accomplished, the guy has never won a Super Bowl or made a game-winning playoff kick.

The Legacy

Even if the Polish Cannon doesn't grab a Super Bowl ring before he hangs it up, he'll keep being Janikowski… A 40-year-old, 260-pound legend-of-a-leg kicker who doesn't care what you think. A guy who once hustled pool-players at a local pub in Poland as a teenager. A guy who was arrested seven times and still has a job.

We're not saying he's the perfect sports role model for your kids (we wouldn't let them spend the day with Uncle Seabass), but he is who is he is -- a Hall of Fame kicker who will keep punishing footballs for as long as he has a leg.

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